Video Uplink Device LU30

A revolutionary hand-held video uplink device that enables anyone to broadcast live video instantly, anytime, anywhere. This technology provides
high-quality, affordable video transmissions over existing wireless infrastructure.

The advantages are clear: easy to use, hi-quality, low-cost and mobile live broadcasting.
It enables every professional consumer to create and transmit content anyplace theres a story worth showing.

The LU-30 is designed for professional TV channels and content providers who wish to transmit hi-quality live video for breaking news, sports events or items from remote locations without the need for costly and bulky satellite or microwave uplink units.

The LU-30 enables live wireless video broadcasts from the field with a light-weight, portable unit.
It can be carried by a single camera operator
who can transmit at the press of a button.
The LU-30 is worked out for LIVEU LTD.