ExPen Carring Case

The ExPen tool is a new explosive detection and identification field test that is fast, highly effective, and designed to be easily carried and applied in the field. Tests are highly sensitive and reliable. The ExPen is a colorimetric system that reacts virtually immediately to explosive substances or residues (down to 20 nanograms). The ExPen is able to detect and identify explosives in liquid and solid forms. ExPen is also capable of detection both pre-and post-blast, covering most manufactured explosives and virtually 100% of improvised explosive compounds currently known to us.
The ExPen is packed in a special dropper pen like container with a glass ampoule inside which provides complete seal and long shelf life. The ExPen is a series of reagents that have wide detection capabilities covering both industrial and improvised explosives and explosive precursors. The optional, specially designed carrying case allows the easy belt carry and quick employment of the ExPen. Hard case or fabric case are available.
The ExPen Carring Case worked out for Mistral Group Co.